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Our story, from meeting through the wedding

Salsa dancing while we still can!


We used to work together at Whole Foods Market, but in fact we rarely spoke to each other and didn't know each other at all during that time (I didn't even know her name while I worked there, but hey there were over 500 employees, so cut me some slack!). However, on October 15th, a little over a month after I stopped working at Whole Foods, we met at Club DeVille, in downtown Austin, for a friend's birthday party (Jacob Van Puten now living in LA). Our friends Marc Bird, Billie Dixon III, Erin McAuley and Roxanne King were present for the meeting and probably remember it well!


June 29, 2006


After finding out we were going to have a baby (we found out on June 25th), I quickly decided we needed to get married as I'm just old fashioned that way. I began to look at rings and decided to create my own design via an online jeweler. The ring was supposed to arrive on Saturday July 1st, and so I made reservations that night at Fonda San Miguel, figuring I would propose that night.

However, the ring came early; the morning of Thursday June 29th, when I was about to leave (by myself) to visit my Dad and Tom in Dallas for a couple of days. Once I looked at the ring, I got impatient and decided I had to ask right then and there. Once I got the yes and ring went on, I was off like a prom dress (to Dallas).



August 11, 2006
Austin, TX


We wanted to get married before the baby was born, before Cassandra gets huge, and before our likely move to Dallas, and so the fastest wedding planning on the planet was born.

Our idea is simple, elegantly casual, fun, festive and not stuffy. The first order of the day was to hire a bagpiper (which we did), then look at some simple catering for food (from the fabulous Curra's Grill), and to do it here at our house.

We envision a fun, party like atmosphere with only our closest friends and family members present, so around 35 people total.

The Wedding Party


Marc Bird , Best Man -- Best Friend
Steve Cramer , Groomsman -- Good friend
Richard Bagdonas , Groomsman -- Good friend


Roxanne King , Maid Of Honor -- Best Friend
Billie Dixon - Surrogate Father for the aisle walk
Jaclyn Smith - Flower Girl

Salsa dancing while we still can!

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